Scholarship Essay Contest for Rural Students: $500 from Blaze Wifi

Do you currently attend high school in a rural area and plan to start college in Fall 2014? Are you a college student who went to high school or grew up in a rural community? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, enter the Blaze Wifi Rural Students Essay Contest to win $500 to help pay for your college costs! Blaze Wifi is offering an annual $500 college scholarship to help further higher education and improve internet literacy and connectivity in small towns and rural cities across America.

$500 Scholarship Essay Contest for Rural Students from Blaze Wifi

Who Can Apply for the Blaze Wifi Scholarship for Rural Students?

At this time our scholarship is open only to college-bound HS seniors and students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program at a college or university located in the United States. You can apply for the Blaze Wifi Scholarship for Rural Students if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.
  • You are (1) a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university or (2) a high school senior planning to attend college in Fall 2014.
  • You have a current grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • You are NOT an employee of or related to an employee of Blaze Wifi

Essay Contest College Scholarship Requirements & How to Apply

How to Apply for the Rural Student Blog Scholarship Essay ContestMany people do not realize that rural youth are more at risk than teens who grow up in larger cities and more populated areas. At Blaze Wifi, we want to help at-risk rural teens learn how to use Internet technology in healthy and productive ways that will help prepare them for the future and the demands of the current US job market and workforce. Writing, blogging and sharing thoughts and ideas online is one of the best ways for rural students living in remote areas of the United States to connect to the outside world, expand their knowledge base and participate in a large and active online community.

We offer this scholarship with the sincere hope that the winner will return to their hometown after graduation and help develop rural and underserved towns and cities in America.

To apply for the Blaze Wifi Rural Students Scholarship Program, write an in-depth blog post answering the following question:

How has having Internet access helped you or someone you know develop as a young person and student growing up in a rural community?

Publish an original personal essay of no fewer than 600 and no more than 1,000 words in length on any blog or website by the application deadline date (see below).

In the body of your essay, include a link back to the official Blaze Wifi website ( Look here for more information on how to create an HTML hyperlink.

If you don't have a personal blog already, you can start a free blog quickly and easily here.

Rural Students Essay Scholarship Deadline

To be eligible to win the $500 Blaze Wifi Scholarship for Rural Students, you must submit your application to using your official school email address* before the deadline of 9:00PM (EST) on May 30, 2014. Include your name and "Scholarship Application" in the email subject line and include the following information in the content of your email:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your degree program and expected graduation year
  • A valid phone number and email address where you can be reached
  • The full name of your high school, university or college
  • The URL address where your application essay is published

Contest Winner Selection and Announcement

Applications will be judged on the originality and creativity of their blog essay by a select panel of judges. Essays must solely be the work of the entrant. Late applications, plagiarized essays and applicants who do not follow all application requirements as listed on this page will be automatically disqualified. Essays with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation will receive special consideration, as will students who publish their essays on free student webpage services hosted by their school.

Rural Students Scholarship Essay ContestThe scholarship winner will be selected by a panel of judges following a thorough review of all entries submitted. The review process will begin immediately following the application deadline. We will link to the winning essay on this page and notify the winner directly within 4-6 weeks of the application deadline.

Additional Information

The Blaze Wifi Rural Students Scholarship winner will be awarded a one-time $500 scholarship to be made payable (via US mail) to the accredited university as designated by the applicant after the application deadline (May 30, 2014). The scholarship award must be applied to school expenses (including but not limited to tuition, books, fees and on-campus housing fees) during the 2014-2015 school year. Email with additional questions, comments and inquiries about the Rural Students Scholarship Contest.

The term "rural" is actually hard to define. Learn more about the definition here.

*If you do not have an official .edu email address, additional proof of your current college enrollment will be required for eligibility.