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Fixed Wireless (4G and LTE) vs. Satellite Internet

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Fixed Wireless Internet vs. Satellite Internet
On November 25, 2015, Netcomm Wireless signed a purchase agreement with a US-based telecommunications provider (reportedly AT&T -- per Fairfax Media) in an effort to bring top of the line, high speed internet to rural Americans who currently do not have that kind of access...
Top 10 Considerations When Purchasing Satellite Internet
1. Do you have fiber optic, cable, or a DSL connection available? While satellite plans feature speeds comparable to cable Internet, all plans give you a data allowance...
Article: Ten Myths About Satellite Internet
Satellite internet, like many technologies, had humble beginnings, with speeds hovering around 1mbps, small data caps and a temperamental service that lurched at even the hint of bad weather. HughesNet was the first on the scene, submitting an application to the FCC for a license to launch the Spaceway communications satellite and offer service in 1993...
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