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Fixed Wireless Antennas

If you would like to boost your Blaze WiFi signal, consider one of our range-extending antennas. These antennas will typically increase your signal strength by 35% to 100%. All antennas come with a free 10-day warranty. If your internet connection is not satisfactorily increased after you receive and properly install your antenna, simply return to us (you must pay shipping) and we will give you a 100% refund.

Omnidirectional Antenna

15 dBI Omnidirectional Antenna
$179.99 + Shipping

This omni directional antenna is designed to provide the best in long range wifi connectivity. This antenna is connected to your computer with a simple USB connection. It features a foot mount which can be mounted from either side and adds to the flexibility of the unit. It is 39" long, standing that high from the mount point. Expect an increase of 8 miles in coverage extension in all directions from mounting point (mountings not sold by Blaze WiFi).

Omnidirectional Antenna

14 dBI Omnidirectional Antenna
$89.99 + Shipping

Know exactly in which direction your wifi signal is coming from? Perch this atop a custom mount (not sold by us) and point it like a machine gun towards the radar. With no line of sight obstacles, you should receive a nice 50% or more boost in your internet signal strength. It increases your range by 10 miles in a single direction along flat topography. It is plug and play with a USB cord.

Omnidirectional Antenna

5 dBI Omnidirectional Antenna
$59.99 + Shipping

This smaller omni directional antenna is 27" tall and is typically used by our customers in valleys or highly forested areas. It is made of sturdy fiberglass and provides, on average, an extra 3 mile boost in coverage.

NOTE: Antennas only increase the signal strength of Blaze WiFi internet connections and do NOT increase the signal strength of any satellite Internet connections offered by Blaze WiFi

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