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The Blaze WiFi Internet Access System uses 3G, 4G and LTE technology to provide broadband to users in rural areas. Many users in these areas either have no Internet service currently or have slower speeds with Dial-Up or DSL Internet. Blaze WiFi wireless broadband gives these users a new choice and offers a broadband connection that features an unlimited plan that allows for fast-twitch gaming and video (NetFlix, for instance) streaming with no lag.
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Blaze WiFi is also proud to be a HughesNet satellite Internet retailer. For today's rural resident, with Blaze WiFi there are now two solid options in high speed Internet: wireless Internet and satellite Internet. While there are a lot of companies out there offering both services, a closer look will help you see why, when it comes to satellite Internet, your best choice is HughesNet. In fact, a recent article on HughesNet vs. Exede speeds determined that HughesNet speeds are not only faster, but more consistent in achieving advertised maximums.

High Speed Internet Options - Staying Affordable

There's no other satellite Internet provider on the market that offers faster speeds and lower prices than HughesNet. In fact, with download speeds as high as 15Mbps, you can be sure that the cutting edge equipment the company uses is bringing you internet speeds that are faster than all the other rural internet service providers out there. For the download speeds you want and need to effectively use the internet at your home or business, trust HughesNet satellite internet service.

Cheap and Affordable Satellite Internet Service Plans

Shopping around for high speed rural Internet options will inevitably mean comparing prices. Not surprisingly industry leader HughesNet always comes out on top. Plans for high speed satellite Internet service start at just $39.99 monthly. That makes it affordable enough so that almost anyone can enjoy the convenience of being connected to the Internet all the time. With HughesNet, you also get free installation and set-up. Other companies that offer satellite Internet charge more or have start-up fees that make for a hefty amount out of pocket to begin service.

Different Plans and Options for Different Internet Needs

While most satellite Internet services have different plans of different sizes, only HughesNet has one that comes with a 5GB data cap. This is the smallest plan available, and is perfect for occasional users of the Internet who want fast service when go online. HughesNet plans go up to a 20GB plan with an addition 20GB of bonus bytes that can be used between 2am and 8am. A data plan of this size works well for most heavy users.

Satellite Internet Service Providers | Compare HughesNet

Data caps are a standard part of satellite Internet service and are imposed by the federal government to guarantee fair access to the Internet. If you are in a rural area, such data caps are the norm if you choose satellite Internet.

If you want more data than the amounts mentioned above, wireless Internet from Blaze WiFi can present you with the option of unlimited data.

Satellite Internet was first introduced to the United States by HughesNet and the company continues to stand on the cutting edge of technology today. With the most longevity in the business and the most customers in the nation, no other rural Internet service provider gives you more than HughesNet from Blaze WiFi.

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Blaze Wifi offers both wireless and satellite internet options for rural homes and businesses. Learn about the unique benefits of each internet service below, or call 1-844-624-8883 to speak to a friendly and helpful Blaze Wifi representative.

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