How Do You Use The Internet?

high speed Internet usage

Internet usage differs greatly from one person to another and even from one household to another. For that reason, the perfect plan that your neighbor has may not be a great fit for you. Consider for a moment how you use the Internet, and how that usage would change if you had high-speed Internet service in your home.

Internet Usage Determines The Package You Need

Do you…

  • Surf the web
  • Check and send email
  • Use social media
  • Play Facebook games

If so, an introductory, smaller package would likely be a good fit for you. All the activities above demand little data, so you can enjoy them all regularly without exceeding your data limit.

Do you…

  • Use Skype
  • Watch videos regularly
  • Use Netflix, Hulu or another streaming media platform
  • Stream music

These activities are the most data intensive uses of your satellite Internet service. If you do any or most of these on a regular basis, you will want to choose a larger monthly package in order to have enough data to do the things you want to do online. Be sure to carefully monitor the data you are using, in order to avoid exceeding your limit.

Numbers of Internet Users and Number of Devices

Remember that how you use the Internet may not be the same way others in your household use the Internet. Check with all users in your household. If you frequently have guests, do they also use your Internet service?

It used to be that only a desktop or laptop computer in your home was connected to the Internet, but times have changed, and there may be a variety of devices in your home that are consuming your satellite Internet data. In addition to computers; tablets, smartphones and video game systems also use Internet data.

Knowing the number of users, their patterns of usage, and the number of devices in your household will provide you with the necessary information when choosing your satellite Internet service.  Understanding your complete household usage is critical to choosing the right package.

The Future of Your Internet Usage

Upgrading your home Internet service from dial-up or even DSL to satellite Internet makes a world of difference in the speed of your connection and what you can actually do online. You will be able to do the things you do now in a fraction of the time it takes with dial-up or DSL. However, that doesn’t mean that you will use the Internet less. In fact you will probably find yourself using it even more and exploring online activities that weren’t an option before.

To begin, choose your new satellite Internet package based on your current usage patterns. You can always switch to a higher package later if you find that you are consistently short on data each month.

Enjoy your new high-speed Internet connection!



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