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Top 4 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

holidaysAs the holiday season approaches, stress rises and the frequency of illness increases. There is no doubt that there is a strong connection between those two facts. However, by intentionally making certain changes in how you do things this holiday season, you can keep yourself healthier and happier. We have found some tips to help you get started. Continue reading

Top 7 Things To Check Out Online in November


November Throughout the year, we tend to focus on different things. Changing seasons, changing priorities, and celebrations dictate the type of information we need to find. As the year nears its end, November finds Internet users searching for a variety of important information. If you haven’t done so already, here are the top 7 things to check out online this month. Continue reading

How Do You Use The Internet?

high speed Internet usage

Internet usage differs greatly from one person to another and even from one household to another. For that reason, the perfect plan that your neighbor has may not be a great fit for you. Consider for a moment how you use the Internet, and how that usage would change if you had high-speed Internet service in your home. Continue reading