Ashley Finger

Blaze Wifi Scholarship Winner Announced

Ashley Finger

For the second year in a row, Blaze Wifi is excited to offer a scholarship to one deserving American college student. We are thrilled to announce that this year, our winner is Ashley Finger, who is completing a Masters in Physics at the University of Luxembourg and will be attending the University of Virginia School of Law in the fall.

Awarding Young Talent

Blaze Wifi decided to repeat the success of their 2014 scholarship competition by offering it again this year. Announced late in 2014, students throughout the country had ample time to create their own essay for the 2015 contest, which closed on June 1st. The request was simple. Write a blog post about: Do you prefer living in the city or out in the country more? Why? What are some benefits and drawbacks to each?  If possible, support your argument with real life experiences.

The winning essay, written by Finger, featured descriptive writing that made us feel as if we are there with the writer. Her blog post described her never-ending pull back to rural life, despite recent years of living in much bigger cities. The amenities of city life have never completely replaced the little piece of home in her heart that belongs to small town America.

Ashley’s winning blog can be seen here.


Importance of Internet

With the contest comes increased exposure to the world of rural Internet options. Americans don’t truly realize the effects of not being connected to the Internet. Economically, rural residents are steps behind the competition simply by not having Internet access at home. However, a part of the Blaze Wifi mission is to make those individuals aware of the fact that they have an affordable option for high speed Internet at home. The innovative company is striving to promote higher education and improved Internet literacy.

Blaze Wifi is a rural high speed Internet provider, transforming Internet access in rural parts of the country. As an authorized retailer of HughesNet satellite Internet, it brings you the largest and most reliable provider in the nation. Blaze Wifi understands the importance of connectivity to learning almost anything. Bringing high speed satellite Internet to users throughout the country is a powerful first step in closing the gap between rural and urban America.

Congratulations Ashley Finger on an impressive article and on winning the Blaze Wifi 2015 scholarship.

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