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Commonly Asked Questions

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Can I get a free trial?

Rural wireless internet can be a tricky game. Sometimes, for instance, you can’t get a clear signal as you hoped you would be able to. That is why we happily offer our 10 day free trial (from the day your receive it) on all Blaze WiFi fixed wireless plans.

My speed isn’t as fast as I thought. Anything I can do to make it faster?

If for some reason your address falls in a roaming location for one of our cell providers, we offer booster antennas that will significantly increase your reception by enhancing the direct connection you have with the closest local tower. Should this not solve the problem, we also offer a 10-day free trial on these antennas and you can ship them back (your expense) for a full refund. Please see our antennas page for more information.

What kind of internet can I get for my boat/RV?

Great news! BlazeWifi works wherever you can get a cell signal from Sprint, AT&T or Verizon - so this means you can take your unit with you and have mobile broadband wherever you go! Satellite Internet, on the other hand, is NOT available for RVs and boats at this time.

Are there any plans that would be better for a business?

Blaze Wi-Fi offers many options and plans including ones that would be perfect for those who own and/or run businesses in rural America. The BlazeWifi 60 GB LTE/4G plan features super-fast 8mbps download speeds. This plan is primarily available only in suburban areas. If you are in a more rural area, we would recommend the HughesNet Max plan which gives the user 70 MB of monthly data and up to 15 Mbps download speed. Please visit our plans page for more information. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact us at 1-888-691-0864.

I still use Dial-up. Will Internet from BlazeWifi be an upgrade for me?

Yes. Upgrading from dial-up to any of our plans is like going from a unicycle to a Corvette! Using dial-up is basically going back to the stone age. The average speed for dial-up internet service is around 56 kbit/s. This may not be the very well known, but this speed is about 200 times slower than what we offer in our top top plans, which is around 15 Mbps!

Can I stream Netflix, Hulu and other video streaming services with Blaze WiFi?

This has become an increasingly more prominent question over the past year or so. And the answer is: Yes! All of our Blaze WiFi fixed-wireless plans allow you to use video streaming services!

When the question is placed to satellite internet though, the answer is not as easy as yes or no. Some of the satellite Internet plans we offer are surely fast enough to stream Netflix, but not all plans will give you that capability; just like any internet service provider. Additionally, you need to consider data caps when purchasing satellite internet and streaming NetFlix continuously is, unfortunately, a great way to blow through your monthly data plan. This is an important question to ask your Customer Service Representative when you call 1-888-691-0864

Can I play online gaming with Blaze WiFi?

Yes! All BlazeWifi work well with online gaming including Madden, Halo and Call of Duty.

What about Satellite Internet from BlazeWiFi? How does that work?

BlazeWifi is an Exede and HughesNet authorized reseller. Satellite Internet comes directly from space. It all starts with a geostationary satellite that constantly beams internet connectivity directly to your receiving dish - giving you a broadband (always-on) connection. You access this connection from a custom modem given to you at the time of service setup.

How is satellite internet service installed and can I do it myself?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that any two-way satellite communication system, such as satellite internet, must be installed by an Exede or HughesNet specially trained and certified professional technician. This means that you are not able to set your service up by yourself.

The satellite dish is about 30" wide x 28" high and is usually mounted on the roof of your home or apartment. The dish is connected to a modem in your house which either attaches directly to your computer or to a wireless router which gives you Wi-Fi capabilities. This Installation typically takes between two to three hours.

If I already have a satellite dish for TV, can I use the same one for satellite internet?

Unfortunately, no. A satellite dish for TV can receive signals from the satellite in space, but it is not able to send the correct signals back to the satellite which would enable the user to access their satellite internet services. A two-way satellite connection is necessary to use satellite Internet.

Is satellite internet available in my area?

Blaze Wi-Fi offers its users high speed satellite internet services all across the continental United States. Since this is satellite internet, the availability of the service is dependent on on a few things. The main question is: do you have a clear view of the Southern sky? This is a very important question as this is the only way your personal satellite dish can communicate with the satellite as well as your ISP's satellite dish. For more information, check out our Coverage Lookup page.

Is satellite better than DSL?

Satellite speeds are more consistent than average DSL speeds although DSL can be faster than satellite Internet speeds at times. DSL speeds are dependent on a few factors such as how far you live from your local provider. The further you live, the slower your speeds are as the company serves those closest to the provider first because the delivery is based on telephone lines instead of transmitted signals like satellite Internet does.

Can I play video games online with satellite internet?

Blaze Wi-Fi offers many plans that are perfect for online gaming, but there are also plans that make online gaming difficult at times. Even on our best plans, latency can still be an issue even with the best plans. Latency is the occurrence or lag or a stoppage during transmission of the signal. This should be something discussed further with your Customer Service Representative when you are ready to order!

What size data plan should I choose?

Everybody needs a different size data cap plan as everyone uses the Internet differently. There is no "one size fits all" data cap plan for everyone and we here at Blaze Wi-Fi understand that. We will work with our customers as much as possible to fit them each with an individual plan that is right for them. Do you work from home? Do you stream movies often? Do you enjoy online gaming? Do you only use it for light browsing? These are the questions you and your Customer Service Representative will answer when you call 1-844-624-8883

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